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Discovering tacit knowledge in Technology
Share your expertise to peers globally

Looking for a global platform that helps you gain recognition for your knowledge and monetise your existing works?

TacitKey is a knowledge sharing platform that empowers you to become a thought leader in your domain. Share your tacit knowledge of experiences, thoughts and skills which are highly valuable but least showcased. Be it a recent presentation, a case study or even a research paper that you have worked on, share, learn and earn on TacitKey. With our proprietary matching algorithm, access a global audience interested in your tacit knowledge, be invited as a speaker and establish yourself as a thought leader. At TacitKey, you can also engage and interact with technologist and IT professionals globally, build and collaborate with a community of like-minded professionals, gain prominence and monetise your expertise.

Share Your TACITworks



Discover tacit knowledge in your specialised domain, contributed by peers in your field. Each contributed work is moderated and our proprietary matching algorithm ensures you read what interests you.


Our platform helps you to reach and connect with peers globally; and contribute toward intergenerational knowledge transfer by engaging with both seasoned and junior professionals. Let your professional experience and contributions build your individual brand.


Your work, your price. Sell your works to a global audience at the right price. Your works determine your expertise level and how much you can earn. Attract sponsors for your works and also earn by participating in surveys and consulting projects.


Establish yourself as a thought leader in your domain amongst peers globally. Share your tacit knowledge on TacitKey where you will be sought after for your insights and expertise. We help promote you and your tacit knowledge globally.


Engage with fellow global thought leaders and peers about your works with our unique engagement features. Follow them and offer your insights on their works showcasing your tacit knowledge.

Create your tacit community

Build your community on TacitKey and collaborate globally. Teach to your followers and train them on your tacit knowledge. Host events and engage with your participants.

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